In Memory of Michelle Eustache

“All of us are here to learn as much as possible for the sake of our patients, but we also want to  do something deeper – to move forward and be more inclusive. Through relationships with people from different backgrounds we gain knowledge.”   -Michelle Eustache


The Human Library is a Worldwide Event!

Bastyr’s Human Library is one of many Human Libraries worldwide, all with their roots in a model sprung out of Denmark as a means to combat racism and encourage individuals to combat their own prejudices.

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Other events have taken place in the following cities:

Copenhagen, Denmark; Terni, Italy; London, England; Alicante, Spain; Barcelona, Spain; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Iorca, Spain; Kyoto, Japan; Edinburg, Scotland; Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA; Santa Monica, California, USA; Belgrade, Serbia; Gothenburg, Sweden; Ljubljana, Slovenia; Berlin, Germany; Budapest, Hungary; Lisbon, Portugal; Oslo, Norway; Roskilde, Denmark